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Course Delivery Options Availability
CSPD-N114 Abstract Painting Studio: Texture and Surface CSPD-N114 Online Available
CSBU-N101 Accounting for Creative Professionals CSBU-N101 Not Currently Available
CSDM-N215 Advanced Web Design, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks CSDM-N215 Online Available
YCOPD-003 Agile Project Management: Practice and Certification YCOPD-003 Not Currently Available
CSDI-N128 Arabic Typography Workshop CSDI-N128 Not Currently Available
CSAP-N129 Architectural Photography Studio CSAP-N129 Not Currently Available
CSLH-N124 Art, Architecture, and Public Space CSLH-N124 Not Currently Available
CSDI-N116 Basic Design Principles CSDI-N116 Online Available
CSSI-N109 Bronze Casting Studio CSSI-N109 Not Currently Available
CSDI-N112 Chair Design and Fabrication CSDI-N112 Not Currently Available
CSPD-N113 Character Design Studio CSPD-N113 Online Available
CSDI-N129 Children’s Book Illustration Studio CSDI-N129 Online Available