CSAP-N132 - Ecommerce Photography Workshop
CSBU-N101 - Accounting for Creative Professionals
CSBU-N102 - Managing Creative Collaboration Workshop
CSBU-N103 - Professional Practice for Emerging Artists and Designers Micro-credential
CSBU-N105 - The Cost of Creative Work: Pricing Products and Services
CSBU-N107 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Artists and Designers: Turning Your Idea into a Viable Business
CSBU-N110 - Introduction to Project Management for Creative Professionals Micro-credential
CSBU-N111 - Art and Craft Fair Success: How to Sell Your Creative Work
CSDI-N123 - Introduction to Design Thinking
CSDM-N150 - Introduction to Data Visualization
CSDM-N160 - Social Media Marketing for Creative Professionals
CSDM-N260 - Becoming a Content Creator: Advanced Social Media Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs Micro-credential
CSDV-N102 - Hiring for Decolonization, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Creative Industries Micro-credential
CSDV-N122 - Retaining Diverse Talent in the Creative Industries Micro-credential
CSGR-N101 - Developing Effective Government Relations and Advocacy Strategies for Canadian Arts Organizations Micro-credential
CSLW-N118 - Writing Skills for Creative Professionals
CSMC-N101 - Empathy + Social Insight for Human-Centred Design Micro-credential
CSMC-N102 - Ideation + Prototyping for Human-Centred Design Micro-credential
CSMC-N103 - User Testing + Launch for Human-Centred Design Micro-credential
CSPD-N146 - Storyboarding for Media Production
CSWL-N101 - Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and IP Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs
CSWL-N102 - Introduction to Copyright Law for Creative Entrepreneurs
CSWL-N103 - Intellectual Property Strategy for Industrial Designs
CSWL-N104 - Introduction to Trademark Law for Creative Entrepreneurs
CSWL-N105 - Critical Approaches to Intellectual Property Law: Reconciling Indigenous Creativity, Indigenous Knowledge and IP Laws