Course Description

In this online course, developed in partnership with the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor and eCampus Ontario, students are introduced to the most common forms of Intellectual Property law for the creative industries, such as copyright law, industrial design law, graphic design law, and trademarks. The course also introduces IP strategy, exploring how different forms of IP can be leveraged by entrepreneurs as business assets. The course empowers creative professionals with an understanding of their legal rights, so they may advocate for themselves and engage in informed discussions with legal professionals.


  • Recognize the meaning of intellectual property and the policy behind recognizing IP rights in the first place,
  • Explore most common forms of IP and be able to single-out those most relevant to the creative sector,
  • Apply the concept of IP strategy as essential for the effective commercialization of creative expressions (sharing and selling creative works),
  • Demonstrate the basic legal principles surrounding IP ownership,
  • Identify the need to determine third party IP rights and freedom to operate.


Applies Towards the Following Certificates

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