Course Description

Human-Centred Product Design Micro-Certification Series

With 5 distinct micro-certifications, the Human-Centred Product Design Micro-Certification is designed to provide you with the tools required to demonstrate their ability to apply human-centred design principles and creative problem-solving methods to ideate solutions for complex challenges in an agile environment.

Principles of human-centred design, methods of applied creative and critical thinking, social insight, and the non-linear design development process are introduced and applied throughout each micro-credential in the series in an independent project for each stage of human-centred product design.

Teaching methods and delivery will include a combination of asynchronous online learning modules to support in-class lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, and individual assignments. This series is intended for the Creative Professional interested in broadening their conceptual ideation and creative elicitation toolkit.

Micro-Certifications in Human-Centred Product Design

  1. Empathy + Social Insight Micro-certification - May 2020
  2. Inspiration Micro-certification - TBD
  3. Ideation Micro-certification - TBD
  4. Prototype Micro-certification - TBD
  5. User Testing Micro-certification - TBD

Earning Your Micro-Certification Badge

As part of the modules in each micro-certificate, you will complete assignments and exercises outlined in each micro-certification. These build towards the required evidence for each micro-certification that is submitted at the end of the micro-credential modules. Successfully demonstrated application the key outcomes as part of the required evidencing will be recognized with a digital badge for the specific micro-credential. A link to the badge will be sent via email that can be added to resumes and posted on social media platforms.

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