Course Description

This is an Online Workshop.

Most educators have had experiences working with students who have refused to comply with classroom expectations or who are unable to perform to their true potential due to behavioural issues. Finding successful strategies that work with such students is often a challenge. To have successful outcomes, the education system requires educators to have the knowledge to know how to develop and implement appropriate behaviour intervention plans. Some students will have been diagnosed as being a student with a “behaviour exceptionality,” as defined by the Ministry of Education; however, many students who exhibit such behaviours will not have undergone a formal identification process, and will not have additional educational support.

This workshop is designed to help educators:

  • Develop an understanding of behaviour and definitions of diagnoses that are commonly associated with behavioural issues;
  • Discuss tools and methods for gathering information on behaviours and the factors impacting behaviour;
  • Identify behavioural modification strategies that can be applied in the classroom; and
  • Work through case studies and assignments related to behavior.
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