Course Description

Image by Julianna Cox

This studio course focuses on a design-based approach to developing character art. Character design involves a combination of form, function, and personality. Using traditional media, this course will explore brainstorming and design techniques used in character development for comics, graphic novels, video game design, animation, and advertising. Group work and critiques will be a large part of the classes. Projects will provide students with the methods needed to pursue their own character-based art goals, as well as demonstrate their skills in character art development. Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies.


  • Gain hands-on knowledge of the process of designing a character, from brainstorming thumbnails to a final, polished Character Sheet,
  • Familiarize working in a professional workflow, creating material than can be edited, duplicated, and shared with a team,
  • Understand design for function, and of their own strengths as designers,
  • Explore different aspects that make up a Character, both through personality and physicality.


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