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Course Delivery Options Availability
CSPD-N114 Abstract Painting Studio: Texture and Surface CSPD-N114 Online , Evening , Weekend Available
CSDI-N116 Basic Design Principles CSDI-N116 Evening Available
CSDI-N129 Children’s Book Illustration Studio CSDI-N129 Evening Available
CSLH-N127 Creating Inclusive Art Collections CSLH-N127 Evening Available
CSPD-N105 Drawing Skills Studio 1 CSPD-N105 Evening , Weekend Available
CSDM-N226 Intermediate Adobe Illustrator CSDM-N226 Online , Evening Available
CSPD-N219 Intermediate Painting Studio: Portraiture CSPD-N219 Evening Available
CSDM-N251 Intermediate User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design CSDM-N251 Online , Evening Available
CSDM-N140 Introduction to 3D Animation with Blender CSDM-N140 Online , Evening Available
CSDM-N123 Introduction to Adobe After Effects CSDM-N123 Online , Evening Available
CSDM-N126 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CSDM-N126 Online , Evening Available
CSDM-N119 Introduction to Adobe InDesign CSDM-N119 Online , Evening Available