Otino Corsano's video work featured in Italy

“Emily” is an exhibition comprising an HD video installation of the same title featuring a non-linear narrative which bridges international educational movements with contemporary art practices. The project was designed by director and OCAD U Continuing Studies instructor Otino Corsano in collaboration with a host of creative collaborators invited to assemble the latest production team for this latest Ocean Course Films video.

The imagery focusses on the natural, environmental aesthetics associated with the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy and paralleled in international, contemporary art approaches.

Geneviève Caron, an internationally recognized photographer, was the cinematographer for the project and composer John Mark Sherlock created the moving soundtrack. The glass sculptures of Canadian visual artist Ryan Livingstone are prominently featured in the work. The atelier and student work following the Reggio Emilia philosophy from The Bishop Strachan School are also highlighted.

Compositions in the video document the expansion of inquiry-based, environmental research beyond the scope of any national rendition of nature. Instead “Emily” depicts a forage towards knowledge via art and educational materials to discover new avenues which disrupt the reliance of meaning produced from digital sprawl. Rather than employing a nostalgic or purist analogue approach, a spectrum of media - including glass, photography, sculpture, and video – fuse to revitalize a borderless environmental discourse.

Accordingly, “Emily” is a video work championing the call for a unified, global, environmental vision emerging from modest yet potent modes of academic inquiry and artistic exploration.

Special Thanks to Ryan Livingstone, editor Jeff Hamill, Paola Rubertelli, Art Lightstone, The York School, Catherine Hant and The Bishop Strachan School.