New Website Now Live!

Hello Students,
When you registered for a course in the past you had two separate IDs, an ID for the registration system and then a second ID for the online learning management system, Canvas, and computer/wireless network access. With the new system, you will now have only one ID. The format of the new ID is the letter X followed by 6 numbers.
Our new system will automatically send you 2 separate emails. One with your new ID and another one with your temporary password. You will be asked to change the password when you first login. You will also be asked to update your profile information.
We’ve added a list of interests and learning goals to your profile, please fill that out so we can inform you when new courses are added that you may be interested in. Your course schedule is now available for you in the new student view portal. Your completed courses and certificate information will be added by next week.
Thank you for your patience during this process.
Best regards,
The Continuing Studies Team
416-977-6000, ext. 2321