Student Profile: Laura Kay Keeling


Untitled, Portal #1  Digital Collage, 2023; Untitled, Portal #2, Digital Collage, 2023 by Laura Kay Keeling.


About Laura Kay Keeling

I am a self-taught visual artist with a practice that is rooted in a process-centred approach that integrates analog photography, video, digital collage and installation. I currently live in Hamilton, with my partner and our two dogs. 


Digital Media Skills Certificate

I really wanted to take a course on Blender. I’ve tried to play around with it in the past, and watched a few tutorials, but found them quite challenging to follow so was really excited about that. Additionally, I use photoshop and video editing software in my art practice, but thought that I could certainly learn some tips and shortcuts that would be really helpful.


Favourite Continuing Studies Courses

I really enjoyed the 3D Animation Studio 1: Introduction to Blender course. I learned a lot and by the end definitely felt more comfortable working in the space. I’m excited to keep working with it.


Current Projects and Future Plans

I just completed a 6 feet tall x 15 feet long public art piece for the City of Sault Ste. Marie which will be installed in November. I do have an exciting project that I have been confirmed for that will be presented in 2025, but at the moment I don’t think they have announced anything yet…stay tuned! 


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