Student Profile: Tess Hoover

Humpback Whale by Tess Hoover

About Tess Hoover

In 2018, I achieved my Bachelor of Architectural Science from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). I worked in 3-dimensional design, design for human experience, and environmental design. In my final year I represented the TMU faculty of architecture on an exchange through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria in conjunction with the Frankfurt School of Architecture, where I studied European approaches to design theory, sustainable building strategies, and architectural history.

I knew early on that becoming an architect was not in the cards for me – I lacked real passion for the subject matter. Since graduating, I have used the knowledge base and skills I developed through studying architecture to elevate my personal artistic projects, as well as position myself as someone who can readily take on varying roles and challenges within the creative industry.

I currently work at Moriyama Teshima Architects (MTA), as a Marketing Coordinator. In this role, I am responsible for the overall aesthetic, curation, and growth of MTA’s public presence. I am also constantly working on new projects for my personal business, Hoovprints.comI do illustrations and painting, both in watercolour and acrylic.

Graphic Design and Visual Communication Skills Certificate 

I have always been interested in graphic design, but had not taken any coursework on the subject at the postsecondary level. During the pandemic, I was looking for ways I could bolster my resume and credentials while working full time. This post graduate certificate provided me with the opportunity to take classes without compromising my schedule or goals.

Completing the certificate was extremely worthwhile. I was able to choose the exact courses that corresponded with my needs. My role as a Marketing Coordinator requires expertise in media and advertising, so pursuing professional training in graphic design and visual communication was highly useful; I have applied my learnings to numerous duties. Completing this program not only helped me in my work at my full-time job, but also fulfilled my personal fascination.

Favourite Continuing Studies Courses

Out of the courses I have taken through the School of Continuing Studies, two particularly stood out to me:

Graphic Design: Past, Present, and Future
Learning about the origins of graphic design gave me a more comprehensive understanding of this way of information communication. I appreciated all of the different eras that brought about different styles of graphic design and enjoyed learning about the leaders in each of these time distinct periods. Completing this course widened my perspective and opened my eyes to countless artistic precedents to which I had not previously been exposed.

Character Design Studio
This course was like a step into my dream job. Above all artistic interests, character design is the one to which I am most devoted. For whatever reason, I have a real affinity toward this art form. It is one I devote a lot of time to with Hoovprints. We took part in live sessions via Zoom where the professor would task us with fun drawing challenges. It was a dynamic way of learning.


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